A Girl On Fire

Yesterday I got my first Graze box through the post. It was such good timing because I’d slept in and didn’t have time to make breakfast or prepare lunch for myself.

That was a bonus. But the down side was I ate two of the punnets in one go because I was so hungry. Luckily, it was the healthier ones of the four. Haha.

I have no regrets though. They were amazing. The Jaffa Cake inspired one, really did taste like I was eating a Jaffa Cake and it was so healthy and good for me too <3

I currently have a voucher I can give out to friends and family for them to get a free box off the Graze website, so if you fancy trying out a few mixes, head on over to graze.com, enter this code: MF42WLK, and get your free box! Yay! Free food!

Edit: Because of everybody asking me (there is a FAQ for a reason guys), Graze currently only ship to the UK, but they are working on US delivery.

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